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Facility Management - Production and Distribution Logistics

Production and Distribution Logistics

The main objective of the FABBRO Group is to allow companies to concentrate exclusively on their business by freeing them from the possible problems that often arise in the management of logistics. Including the handling of goods, storage, destocking, goods organization, warehouse management and goods transport.

Platform Management
Working inn collaboration with the client, the FABBRO Group employs approximately 2,000 employees daily in the management of “turnkey” contracts to define parameterized costs. Moreover, thanks to a 7-day 7-day shift system, the customer has the possibility of entrusting the FABBRO Group with all phases of the logistics supply chain. We are able to constantly verify the progress with the help of an innovative IT platform.

The FABBRO Group receives the goods, arranges their storage and destocking, and prepares them for distribution.

Shelf Supply Management
Within the GDO, the FABBRO Group guarantees a daily service of product supply in conjunction with controlled goods activity, the compaction and disposal of packaging, and a cleaning service of the shelves.

Equipment RentalThe FABBRO Group boasts an established handling of goods service. We sell and rent forklifts to help you handle your goods. Thanks to mobile workshops, the FABBRO Group is able to carry out external jobs within 4 hours of a call.

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