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Food - Collective catering

Collective catering:

The FABBRO Group complies with the strictest food quality and safety standards in the food supply chain, food production, and administration sector. We abide by HACCP (hazards analysis and critical control point) regulations to ensure we minimize risk.

– Raw materials strictly selected in the  Italian territory .
– Sanitation and cleaning of machinery, kitchens, and areas of food consumption.
– Security in processing and administration.

The FABBRO Group’s Dietetic and Nutritional service department personalizes menus based on individual customer needs. We are constantly collaboration with the canteen commissions, the medical and paramedical staff, the economics department, the Human Resources Department, and the Customer Purchasing Department.

Spicco is the brand of quality Italian catering in the company, in hospitals, schools and law enforcement.

For companies, the menus are created by the FABBRO Group’s Dietetic and Nutritional Service Department. We follow our client’s guidelines and respect the traditions and culture of the client’s company.

The FABBRO Group has its own Technical Office for the design and implementation of corporate restaurants. This helps guarantee that the best architectural and service standards (food court, show cooking, free service, free beverage) are met.

In hospitals, the menus are evaluated by the FABBRO Group’s Dietetic and Nutritional Service Department in collaboration with the Health Departments, the Food and Nutrition Hygiene Service, and the Local Health Authorities. We ensure we are in compliance with the provisions of the World Health Organization, the European Union, and Ministries of Health and Welfare.

The FABBRO Group guarantees total control of the agro-food supply chain by managing the logistics throughout the entire production process.

In schools, the FABBRO Group, through its Dietetic and Nutritional Service Department, has always understood the importance of creating a healthy food culture for students and teachers. We offer a wide variety of menus, healthy and tasty ingredients, food education programs, and the sharing of menus with parents and teachers. We believe that the lunch break moment is not only for pleasure but also for growth.

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