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Food - Vending Machines

Vending Machines

The FABBRO Group selects only fresh products to provide a lunch break that is fast and high-quality. We offer salads and fresh fruit salads, sandwiches with natural ingredients, first courses delivered in the day, artisan and organic light snacks.

The vending machines are of the latest generation:

– Selection area with large touch screen, 21.5 “, full HD
– Ability to project video and multimedia content
– Indication of the nutritional values ​​of the selected beverage
– Highly customizable drinks menu: up to 56 selections
– Customization of the break area with company logo
– Low energy consumption

The FABBRO Group was the first company in the automatic catering sector to offer coffee beans based on an Arabica blend, with the aim of offering its customers the maximum guarantee of quality.

The mission is to bring the quality of Italian espresso coffee from the traditional bar to your business. We work with the best suppliers worldwide to ensure excellent quality.

The FABBRO Group guarantees strict compliance with 5 quality principles:

1) only coffee blends based on Arabica quality in vending machines;
2) strictly washed blends;
3) doesn’t use blends from Vietnam;
4) uses only slow roasting blends;
5) use sonly fresh products to be consumed within two months from the date of packaging to that of consumption

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