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The group

chisiamo_lanostrastoriaOur History

The FABBRO Group was founded in Milan in 1999 by the Fabbro brothers. After working many years in the service industry, they decided to start their own company. They recognized a market need for a company that could offer important service and saving synergies. The Group focuses on offering high-quality solutions and exceptional customer service.

Massimiliano Fabbro: Graduated from Milan Polytechnic with a degree in Civil Engineering and holds an MBA from L.Bocconi University. He has extensive experience in the service sector, starting as the Commercial Director at Impregilo and working his way up to CEO.

William Fabbro: William Fabbro, after graduating in Business Administration at L. Bocconi University, joined the GS Carrefour Group in the procurement office. After this experience he gained many years of experience in sales and marketing at Bolton Group.

Over the years, the Group has diversified its business by focusing on strategic sectors, offering customers important service and savings solutions that fall into two exclusive areas:
FOOD:hospital, business, military, school and commercial catering; vending machines, bar management, coffee roasting and distribution, food distribution, and the design and construction of professional kitchens.
FACILITIES: cleaning and sanitation, logistics and goods handling, construction and maintenance of air conditioning and heating, cogeneration and trigeneration plants, construction and maintenance, electrical and hydraulic, green maintenance, concierge and supervision, parking management, complete management of social and health institutions.

Our suppliers

The goal is to have a few suppliers who offer more services with the logic of progressive cost- saving, with a very high and consistent level of quality. The monitoring of product / market price conditions remains high to keep attention to the service requested.

Our clients

Both in the presentation of services and in the management phase, FABBRO anticipates the distinctive strengths (quality, readiness, innovation) and the limits (direct territorial coverage)of the company. In particular it is working with the aim of solving customer problems, but involving them into the change towards a new and more advanced service concept: from the service as a solution to a problem, to the service as a value of gratification.

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chisiamo_filosofiaCompany philosophy.

The FABBRO group aims to be the benchmark in service management for large communities.

The philosophy that characterizes the group is of medium to long term, both in the relationships with customers and suppliers, sharing the knowledge that a transparent and constructive relationship allows to create added value which over time feeds on itself.



Thanks to our enthusiasm, our teamwork and our values, we want to offer our customers the best service possible through the selection of young, dynamic and specialized professionals; the selection of the best raw materials and the supply of broad and deep range of products and services.

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