Every catering point has its own style

The management of bars inside public and private establishments is a growing sector, as it represents a valid, fresh and fast alternative to traditional catering.

Fabbro Group offers a complete Bar Management service: from design to service management, from breakfasts to a simple cafeteria, to quick and delicious lunches.



Bars designed for universities, shopping centres and high-footfall areas are simple, dynamic and innovative.


Service formats, bars designed for large establishments with high footfall, such as hospitals.


They resemble classicism cartering only apparently, each time they offer their own style which is anything but banal.

From experience to the coffee bean

From experience gained over the years in Bar Management and passion for coffee, our division specialises in the marketing of authentic roasted coffee beans.

Two types of blends

We select only the best coffee blends that are slowly roasted by master roasters.
The finished product is supplied every day to the best bars in Italy and abroad through the two brands

Our brands

It is the brand of choice for coffee blends in the most exclusive bars. True organic Italian espresso certified Bio Fair Trade®

It is the brand of choice for coffee blends for large-volume customers that insist on a high-quality product.

As well as coffee..

We are able to offer bars the best machines that technology can offer on free loan, with support and maintenance ready to help and with grinders calibrated according to the season.

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