The General Contractor

The General Contractor is the entity that takes care of design engineering, building and,in part, financing ofthe project to be carried out. The General Contractor assumes as well full economic responsibility, together with a team of highly experienced professionals, to meet the specific needs of the client.

In particular, the General Contractor bears the economic risk of the project, undertaking to supply afinished package at contractually agreed prices, delivery dates and quality. It is in control of the overall framework and works throughout the project, guaranteeing professionalism and competence.

The General Contractor’s duty is that of carrying out the project using innovative processes and technologies as well as entrusting the work to a single organizational unit with multidisciplinary skills, bothdesign-related and executive: these are necessary for the correct execution of various implementations aswell as for the possible variations that might be requested by the client during the production phase.


  • Carrying out detailed analysis of all costs and requirements to be met
  • Architectural and design engineering as well as development of executives and their valorization
  • Scheduling of executive phases and preparation of estimated metric calculations
  • Supervising the quality and timeliness of the work being done
  • Monitoring schedules, payments and cash flow
  • Keeping digital records of completed projects
  • Ensuring constant compliance with safety measures for its own staff, professionals and workers on construction sites


Identifies a new project together with the client and draws up a proper feasibility study, preparing theproject documentation in all its phases.


Provides the client with a contract budget in order to determine an accurate financial planning.


Provides the client with a general planning. It also demonstrates to be in control of each phase of the project, of interference management and coordination of the different phases of the project.


Enforces the quality standards of materials and products selected during the project phase.


Carries out all administrative and bureaucratic procedures related to obtaining permits. It also prepares all the appropriate documentation needed to obtain the final, structural and plant engineering test.


It is responsible of the training and the technical preparation of a consolidated and well-organized team, with proved experience in the field that guarantees structure and consistency to the solidity of the company.

Risk assessment and management

Risk assessment and management
Definition and management of the variables that are part of a project

Feasibility study and bureaucratic procedures
Technical, structural and plant engineering analysis of the current state of affairs, verification of abuses, remissions and all the documentation required to obtain authorizations; technical and regulatory consultancy; compliance of the state of affairs with the technical documentation and plans filed.

Pre-execution and execution of works
Contracting and management; project study and analysis; preparation of workers and specialists; planning of construction phases.

of all construction processes, timing and economic costs.

of technical and legal responsibilities from the client

of all construction processes and time schedules to be respected

of all the professionals involved in the construction process


Maximising tax incentives, reducing cost and risk to zero
Construction of industrial and production plants
General Contractor
Integrated projects for the advanced tertiary and hospital sectors
Integrated turnkey design
Monitoring of road and motorway infrastructure, urban aggregates and environmentally compromised or unstable areas





How does the Superbonus process work?

  1. The General Contractor will make an appointment with the condo manager and all the residents/co-owners to explain the possible types of intervention.
  2. The General Contractor, in accordance with the needs of the condominiums, designs the best possible intervention in terms of costs and energy savings.
  3. During the condominium assembly, the residents/co-owners decide to appoint the General Contractor.
  4. Once the contract has been signed, all the activities that are necessary to open the building site, carry outthe project and obtain the tax benefit get it started (e.g. administrative paperwork, testing, systems,certifications, etc).
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